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Frequently Asked Questions

Providing Simple Answers to Our Most Common Questions

Automated Teller Machines:

Does the ATM cost me anything?

Not a penny! We provide the machine, the internet connection and funding cash at no cost to you!

Do I have to sign any kind of contract?

No, we can always start with a verbal agreement between our agent and the client to see if the result of the service is acceptable to both. At that point we can work out a contract agreement later on to assist with the confirmed time fame of business, agreed amount of profits split, etc.

Do I have to bolt the machine to the floor?

Not always, this will be determined by the initial contact team and each location we assess on a case by case basis. We have alternatives if bolting is a problem for either the client or the landlord for the property.

What ATM do you provide me with?

At this time we will offer two separate models, either the Hyosung Halo II or the Genmega Onyx Wall Mount. Model will be based on requirement needs of the merchant.


What if I only use a termal/POS system?

We offer both options! We can integrate your existing system, even if you have a rewards program or if you want to upgrade to a POS from a terminal, we are happy to help you customize your business needs with your one of a kind interface.

Do I have to sign any kind of contract?

None! We prefer to work with our merchants on a month to month basis to ensure you are happy with our service and if not, we can help you move on without any messy cancellation fees or complicated legal restrictions.

What sort of interface/terminal do you offer?

At this time we have multiple options available, we can cover Clover, Dejavoo, or even integrate specific existing systems to our network. Give us a call and lets see what problems we can solve for you!

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